Taking A Moment...

Hello Linell Ellis Ladies! We are still riding that high from Valentine’s Day. The love was truly in the air and its our hope that each and every one of you had a great 14th as well as we hope you were able to bring us along with you for that special time.



Love is certainly still all around and with spring soon to be approaching we just wanted to take a moment to say Hi and to say Thank You. Its so easy to get caught up in our daily lives, to forget to pass a smile along or a friendly hello. Sometimes we rush through the days and forget to smell the roses. Here at Linell Ellis, we want to remind you that you are worth it and you may as well show your best self off each day. With that in mind, we also wanted to remind you that we not only have the bag for you to show your exclusive style off, but we also have the accessories to match! 


If you want to add a little more spunk to your Linell Ellis bag, check out our 100% genuine leather tassels. You can mix and match them or you can attach them all! Talk about unique style!!! 



Or if you are looking to gift something to someone and want to jazz it up a notch, get into one of our Linell Ellis gift bags. The canvas, “Live Completely” silkscreen bag is perfect for wine, flowers or whatever you feel you want to give. It also comes with a detachable Linell Ellis Turtle Logo, which can easily be attached to your LE bag or even your keys!



No matter what you are doing at the moment, stop and reflect on all the good. Enjoy the moment and give us a look-over. We are sure we can sweeten any occasion and make life worth “living completely”!

A Joyous Winter with our Joyce Bucket Bag

Welcome to 2018! January is always a month that registers as “something new” and of course we at Linell Ellis welcome the new fresh year. And for most of us here in the US we are still cold, but that doesn't mean we cannot still be in style! Cold yet Cute, we like it! 



During the fall we debuted our new Novella Suede Clutches and they are a hit! But now be sure to check out our New Suede Joyce Bucket Bag. A play off our traditional Joyce Bucket, this new bag features that soft, warm feeling of winter hearth. The plush suede against your coat will provide extra insulation for this blistering weather. 


Not only will this bag keep you warm, it will also be able to fit your scarf and gloves inside! Our Linell Ellis ladies will be able to brave the weather fashionably, whether it’s an after work event or a get together with friends. We say bring on the cold because we are all geared up. We have our suede and our smile as armor and we are ready to take winter on!

Brooklyn Session (9 of 460).jpg


Bring us into the New Year with you and have an amazing one!

Live Completely!

Novella Clutch in Suede

We are finally in the home stretch of the year!!! This is when we see holiday lights begin to twinkle and we hear about all the amazing deals. We get excited this time of year, because it means we get to wear lots of different bags to all of the holiday parties we've been invited to!!!


This season, we are having a glitter party so get ready to go play (or work) in our new and exciting collections. There is lots of suede with chain straps! Who doesn't love to be able to convert their clutch into an over the shoulder bag, when needed? And of course, that amazingly soft feel of suede, its perfect for this season.


Our new Novella Clutch in Suede is sure to catch everyone's attention. You can carry it easily under your arm and let the suede keep you warm. Or you can quickly pull out the beautiful removable chain link strap and place your bag over your shoulder when you need your arms for holding shopping bags or a refreshing, festive beverage.


 Take advantage of our Super Sale with 30% off and gear up for the cold, that has already made its way to the northeast. Attend your family feast in style or gather with friends for yummy eats in fashion. Whatever you do this holiday, make sure to make memories!


Live Completely!


Suede! The New Feel of Fall

Fall is approaching! We think of burnt orange hues, harvested apples, warm ciders, pumpkin spices, knee boots with a kitty-kat heel… and we think Suede! Who doesn't love that beautiful flesh side of leather that has been rubbed down to create a tough yet gentle feel. It is just as autumn can be, tough in temperature yet gentle in breeze. 


We here at Linell Ellis are very happy to be able to bring to you our new collection which features suede clutches as well as suede bucket bags. We couldn't be more excited to give you an option to rock out with the new styles and add a little spunk to your day or night!


The new bags are sure to be a hit this fall and even into the winter! With the cool color choices and the ever-lasting Linell Ellis durability and quality, no one can go wrong with the suede! Be sure to shop with us soon! Happy Autumn and Feel Fabulous this Fall!

Fall into Museums this Autumn

As we welcome Autumn onto our doorstep and say good-bye to summer, it is also time to switch bags for the seasons! Put away those summer clutches and totes and follow our leading lady, the Joyce Bucket Bag. Whether it be happy hours, cocktails by the fire-pit, strolls in the pumpkin patch, weekend matinees, whatever your preference, we know it is always essential to have the right bag. Here at Linell Ellis, this fall we have decided to pack our Buckets with our needed goodies and head out into town to check out a few museums. 


There is nothing mundane about a sweet history lesson or a burst of art. It’s worth your time to add to your “bucket” list for the season. With all the cool things to partake in, there is something for everyone. From the guided tours, the free seminars and classes, the cafes, gift shops, the story times for families and/or the personal self-guided tours, the museum is sure to hold your interest.


Our Linell Ellis woman is going to tell her girlfriends to meet her perhaps on Constitution Ave. at the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, in Washington D.C., to view “A Changing America: 1968 and Beyond”, one of the many exhibitions. This particular display “explores contemporary black life through stories about the social, economic, political, and cultural experiences of African Americans. From the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. to the second election of Barack Obama, the coverage is broad. Large scale graphics and original artifacts lead visitors from the Black Arts Movement to Hip Hop, the Black Panthers to “Yes We Can," and Black is Beautiful to #BlackLivesMatter.” Our lady will be outfitted with her Joyce Bucket Bag in Brown, a pair of her favorite jeans and a off-the-shoulder bone colored jersey knit sweater. She meets her friends, they take the tour, snap pictures and stop at the gift shop on their way out for a few souvenirs before they head to lunch in Georgetown. Conveniently the Bucket Bag, holds not only their wallet, phone, tour maps and random goodies, but also those souvenirs! Score!

 photo:odessey blog

photo:odessey blog


The versatility of our bag, makes it easy to throw over the shoulder and enjoy family time too. With the National Museum of African-American History and Culture having just celebrated their 1st anniversary, there is something for everyone, even the kids. Be sure to stick a few fruit snacks in your bag to satisfy those cravings that come in between the family workshops or after browsing the Sports or Musical Crossroads Exhibitions. 


Even when going to a totally kid-oriented museum such as the National Building Museum on F Street in Washington DC, there is a bag for every situation. Feel free to carry our Linell Ellis Candi Satchel or the Laverne Backpack in any color. Both bags are spacious and roomy for all things kid while out and about at the museum. Enjoy the “Little Builders Storytime" great for kiddies 6 and under or take the entire family to the “Big Build” event. 


Use this Fall to scurry into your favorite museum or try something new. Be sure to sling our signature Joyce Bucket Bag over your shoulder to make it an all-encompassing experience.

Who Says You Have to Stop Wearing White Now?

Since we're all about living completely, we are firm believers in doing what makes you happy. When Labor Day comes and goes, most likely there are still more than a few nice weather days remaining.  So why not take advantage and add complimenting white pieces into your wardrobe?! Here are a few suggestions.

 Christine Centenera, Fashion Editor of  Harper’s Bazaar Australia  via pinterest

Christine Centenera, Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Australia via pinterest

 Off White Fall Cape is perfect for casual and not so casual days

Off White Fall Cape is perfect for casual and not so casual days

 White accessories top off any outfit and help you transition into the next season with style!

White accessories top off any outfit and help you transition into the next season with style!

Enjoy the remaining days of warm weather and add a piece to your outfit that will remind you of the fun summer you've had! Go ahead… don't be scared...

Live Completely,

A Child's Love - Mother's Day

Mothers Day is a time to appreciate those special women in your life who not only gave birth to you, but also those who fill that organic mothering role as well. From Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, Nieces, Cousins, Teachers, Best Friends and Neighbors, we all know a special person who fills the Mom role. We always feel a special kind of way when we think about our moms. We dig deep into the collective and pull up the memories that make us think about who we are today. We exude and exemplify the great qualities that we have taken from them, without pause.

My mother is beyond the best! I often say if I could be half of what she has been to me and our family, I will be WINNING!  My mother was the inspiration I had to want to play in makeup and dress up. When it came time to start Linell Ellis, she was one of my biggest fan! 

Each of our bags is named after a women in my family.  I thought of how unique each of these incredible women are to not only me but others in my family. It was important that I included our legacy and womanhood into my work. Now, being a mother myself of two wonderful sons, I am able to take those characteristics and use them to raise amazing men. 

This Mother’s Day spend quality time with the woman who nurtures your soul. Gather with those women who have given you their everything. Treat them to a handbag that exemplifies all those qualities that you admire. Our Linell Ellis Bags are timeless, classic and chic... sound familiar!?! Just like Mom. 

Live Completely 




Strawberry Season is Quickly Approaching

I love summer! Everything about summer! The sun and warm weather make me happy. I look forward to longer days and more sunlight.  I have been receiving deliveries from  From the Farmer DC for almost 3 years.  I absolutely love them. Fresh locally grown food delivered directly to my door every week.  This week the sweetest strawberries were in the bag.  When I opened the bag, the aroma just hit my nose.  I smiled and took a few deep breathes.  I knew exactly what was inside. They were a bright, deep red and totally delicious. 

photo credit: from the farmer dc

When I think about what makes me happy, I focus on things that create long lasting memories. I try to etch the moment into my mind and heart forever. I am always on a quest to experience new things. Is there something about summer that you love? Is there an experience you look forward to?  Let me know, I'd love to add a new experience to my list.

Live Completely,



Something About Her - Tatyana and the Theresa Tote

When we first came across Tatyana’s Instagram page, we had a sneaky suspicion she would be a great blogger to work with from the UK. Once we visited her blog, “Lafotka” www.lafotka.com, formerly “Secret Little Stars”, we knew for sure we had to reach out and see if we could collaborate with this amazing lady!

Tatyana hails from Scotland, where you can find so much hidden culture inside and outside of Glasgow and what serves as amazing backdrops for the sensational photos she takes. Venturing into blogging two and half years ago and with her background being in marketing, Tayana started with Secret Little Stars, which was just rebranded to “Lafotka” because of her endless love for clothes, shoes and handbags. “I also needed an outlet for my creativity where I could really feel free to experiment with my own. And it’s still to evolve and grow as I grow - an ongoing personal project.” With her own daughter being her true motivation, Tatyana hopes to inspire other moms and moms-to-be. She says, “I hope to inspire any girl really to remain stylish - it’s about feeling good about yourself on all levels for me and I hope that comes through in my blog.”

You can get a sense of her personal style from chic “Lafotka” where she shares her take on fashion, health, quotes that inspire her as well as “Must Shares”. Her personal style as she says is, “boyfriend jeans with heels! I definitely love masculine sharp shapes but with a feminine touch.” You should see the way she paired our Theresa Tote in Black with her shredded ripped boyfriend jeans, long sleeved-stripped top, tasseled beige scarf and a long chunky coatigan. We faint! It is the PERFECT outfit to state masculinity meets the female body. And the heels SET. IT. OFF. Please head over to www.lafotka.com and check it out. She did justice to the Tote, adding spring flowers to the photos to really make the bag pop. 

Speaking of handbags, the Theresa Tote in Black has become one of her favorites. We quote her blog, “This Theresa leather tote is my first ever proper tote. Crazy, right? I’ve always wanted a leather tote and there’s so much choice out there from well-known, yet affordable labels like Michael Kors, Radley’s, Ted Baker and many many more, but I wanted something different, something more luxurious and special…” Constantly smelling the real leather Linell Ellis Theresa Tote as she carries this bag, Tatyana is able to fit all her essentials in it as well, such as her laptop, camera, an extra pair of flip-flops and emergency backup items for her daughter. “It makes such a difference to wear a stylish tote of great quality, making every day errands so much more enjoyable.”

We agree with Tatyana when she says size does matter in a handbag. Her advice when choosing one is, “always imagine yourself wearing it with as many of your typical looks and colour schemes as possible. If you’re wearing a super casual outfit with sneakers - a nice structured tote or a leather clutch can always glam up your outfit. Go for bold colours and shapes that complement your complexion on any day, even if it’s a dull and rainy one.” We promise you won’t be disappointed visiting “Lafotka” and gaining some fashion tips.

Not only is she a wonderful Mum and a terrific blogger, but some may be surprised to know Tatyana used to be the lead singer of her band and was almost signed to Universal Records! There is no doubt her in-the-know, witty fashion sense paired well with that too. We are so thrilled to have collaborated with her and she even hosted a give-away for us, where one lucky winner won our Theresa Tote in Black… was it you?!? “Being able to inspire others with my outfits, stories, work with amazing brands like Linell Ellis, treat my readers to giveaways and meet new people who have the same passion as me,” is what satisfies Tatyana the most about her blog. We leave you with her favorite quote, “Thoughts become things, so choose to think good thoughts.” Think about it; pun intended.


Live Completely

12 Days of Giving - Linell Ellis X 365 Hangers

It's my favorite holiday of the year. This is when the world seems right.  More love, more smiles, and more giving.  This year we have teamed up with 365 Hangers, Jenna Colgrove and 12 other amazing brands to giveaway some pretty awesome stuff.  I love giving and I love awesome stuff.

Make sure you follow along and enter to win.  #behappy #livecompletely

Live Completely,