Novella Clutch in Suede

We are finally in the home stretch of the year!!! This is when we see holiday lights begin to twinkle and we hear about all the amazing deals. We get excited this time of year, because it means we get to wear lots of different bags to all of the holiday parties we've been invited to!!!


This season, we are having a glitter party so get ready to go play (or work) in our new and exciting collections. There is lots of suede with chain straps! Who doesn't love to be able to convert their clutch into an over the shoulder bag, when needed? And of course, that amazingly soft feel of suede, its perfect for this season.


Our new Novella Clutch in Suede is sure to catch everyone's attention. You can carry it easily under your arm and let the suede keep you warm. Or you can quickly pull out the beautiful removable chain link strap and place your bag over your shoulder when you need your arms for holding shopping bags or a refreshing, festive beverage.


 Take advantage of our Super Sale with 30% off and gear up for the cold, that has already made its way to the northeast. Attend your family feast in style or gather with friends for yummy eats in fashion. Whatever you do this holiday, make sure to make memories!


Live Completely!


Style By Alina - Summer Floral

Effortless…. The one word we would use to describe the persona of Alina Dinh. Creator of, Alina blogs effortlessly about.. of course fashion, beauty and just all things that incorporate style. And believe us she has tons of it.



When you visit Alina’s blog you immediately get a warm feeling and as you flip through her pics and read her words, you immediately feel like she is your best friend. That friend who will help you get through that date night prep or the friend that will say yay or nay to your latest handbag and/or accessory.



She began blogging a little over two years ago and people would be surprised to find out that prior to www.stylebyalina, Alina had no blogging experience. She used to work in the tech world until one evening she was frantically searching for an outfit and her husband joked that she should do a sort of visual catalog of her wardrobe… and thus the blog was born. Alina says, “It started because I wanted to create a visual record of my outfits. That way when I needed to find something to wear, I could easily search and find inspiration from within my closet!”

Her site is not limited to just fashion, but beauty tips as well as cute home decor ideas. You should see how she designed her nursery. The quality of her fabric choices and color schematics are exactly what a Linell Ellis woman embodies. We were so excited to see her carry one of our bags. Check out how she rocked the Nikki Clutch Floral with a simple blazer.  How she paired it, speaks to her personal style, which she says “constantly evolves, but generally speaking, I like anything that is pretty and feminine.” She also dished, “Linell Ellis handbags are so beautiful and embody timeless elegance which I love.”  


With Alina’s biggest motivation being her 3 month old son, he is her inspiration in everything she does. He is the spark behind her posts, which she updates often and we urge you to check it out. You will see how she pairs any of her current go to favs, which are (in no particular order), her “sleeveless blazer, distressed jeans and nudist heels.”  Stay tuned because we sure will. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

Live Completely!

Spring Florals

Just when it seems the winter will not move along, it gives way to a beautiful spring. It's hard to remember that spring always comes when you have snowfall after snowfall. However when it arrives it brings forth renewal.

Spring trends are no different.  Time to put away the dark colors and closed toe boots! Time for sunshine and blooms.  Florals are a great way to add color, embrace spring and add a cheerful accent to any wardrobe.

If you are not fond of floral prints or are not sure how to pull it off, try starting with your accessories.  Adding just a hint of print without feeling overwhelmingly covered in a flower garden. The Floral Nikki Clutch is a great option.

Happy Spring!  Live Completely!