Style By Alina - Summer Floral

Effortless…. The one word we would use to describe the persona of Alina Dinh. Creator of, Alina blogs effortlessly about.. of course fashion, beauty and just all things that incorporate style. And believe us she has tons of it.



When you visit Alina’s blog you immediately get a warm feeling and as you flip through her pics and read her words, you immediately feel like she is your best friend. That friend who will help you get through that date night prep or the friend that will say yay or nay to your latest handbag and/or accessory.



She began blogging a little over two years ago and people would be surprised to find out that prior to www.stylebyalina, Alina had no blogging experience. She used to work in the tech world until one evening she was frantically searching for an outfit and her husband joked that she should do a sort of visual catalog of her wardrobe… and thus the blog was born. Alina says, “It started because I wanted to create a visual record of my outfits. That way when I needed to find something to wear, I could easily search and find inspiration from within my closet!”

Her site is not limited to just fashion, but beauty tips as well as cute home decor ideas. You should see how she designed her nursery. The quality of her fabric choices and color schematics are exactly what a Linell Ellis woman embodies. We were so excited to see her carry one of our bags. Check out how she rocked the Nikki Clutch Floral with a simple blazer.  How she paired it, speaks to her personal style, which she says “constantly evolves, but generally speaking, I like anything that is pretty and feminine.” She also dished, “Linell Ellis handbags are so beautiful and embody timeless elegance which I love.”  


With Alina’s biggest motivation being her 3 month old son, he is her inspiration in everything she does. He is the spark behind her posts, which she updates often and we urge you to check it out. You will see how she pairs any of her current go to favs, which are (in no particular order), her “sleeveless blazer, distressed jeans and nudist heels.”  Stay tuned because we sure will. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

Live Completely!

Smitten Sophie - Effortless Style

posted by Melanie:

Sophisticated and sweet, Smitten Sophies, Sophie Rawji, is the kind of woman you can relate too day in and day out. With her super comfortable yet ultra chic looks, you immediately want to jump into her world and be a part of all the wonderful fashion ideas she has. Her blog is a place where she shares her clothing pairs with her favorite accessories and beauty products. And as stated before, her style is classy with a sophisticated edge, that can be pulled off any day yet keeps her standing out.


Before starting her blog, while living in Seattle, Sophie would help friends put their outfits together and at the same time incorporate an element of fun into it. At work, she had the reputation of being the female engineer who refused to dress up like one of the boys. So no surprise, within the first three months, I would have girls stop by my office and request for me to help them shop and style,says Sophie. Thus the blog was created a little over a year ago, after her move to Toronto and after her friends insisted she create and maintain a visual diary of her outfits of the day (OOTD). Instead of the visual diary, I decided to create a blog where I would not only share my OOTD but also provide information on how I put the look together and links to mimic my style. I want to educate my audience and at the same time grow as both a blogger and a brand. I am doing something I love and it has led me to meet with amazing bloggers around world who share the same passion. “


She feels as if her new home, Toronto, is a very unique city where each neighborhood has it's own character. I love how no matter what season you are in, Toronto somehow always looks incredibly beautiful.This actually compliments her style, which currently is effortless chic mixed in with a lot of neutral colors. Being a firm believer that less is more, Sophies style varies every season, so much so that she feels like her style should be dubbed Sophie's Style Diaries. With her 3 current go tos being distressed denim, a black trench coat, and sandals, this chic woman is able to create a masterpiece out of ordinary everyday wear, even jogging gear. When it comes to style - I use my clothes as a way to communicate how I feel or how I want to feel,Sophie relishes.


Trust that after visiting you will have left the blog with a new idea for a simple outfit or beauty regime. Sophie has a knack for making the ordinary look extraordinary. And super bonus, she rarely buys things at full price. This is awesome for savvy bargain shoppers who still want to create a magnificent look for less. 95% of the items I wear were anywhere from 20-75% off the ticket price....unless the item was too amazing to pass up.


We are major fans of Sophie and her effortless style. We love her take on the Nikki Leopard Clutch, which happens to be one of her favorite bags in our collection alongside the Nikki Floral Clutch. For Sophie its a no brianer, I love the simplicity of the design and how it can be paired with anything.effortlessly.And we can see why the Clutch would be Sophies favorite as it is versatile enough to be used during the day while conducting business and holding say your tablet, while then transitioning to night time, using it as the perfect compliment to a sleek evening dress for dinner on the town.




Do what makes you happy, be with those who make you smile, and laugh as much as you breathe,these are her words to live byand we have adopted them. As for the handbags in particular, Sophie says, Quality over quantity. Handbags are an investment, so when it comes to choosing a bag go for one that is well made and can effortlessly work with your wardrobe. You want a bag that lasts for years instead of just a season.And we couldn't agree more.

Live Completely!