Smitten Sophie - Effortless Style

posted by Melanie:

Sophisticated and sweet, Smitten Sophies, Sophie Rawji, is the kind of woman you can relate too day in and day out. With her super comfortable yet ultra chic looks, you immediately want to jump into her world and be a part of all the wonderful fashion ideas she has. Her blog is a place where she shares her clothing pairs with her favorite accessories and beauty products. And as stated before, her style is classy with a sophisticated edge, that can be pulled off any day yet keeps her standing out.


Before starting her blog, while living in Seattle, Sophie would help friends put their outfits together and at the same time incorporate an element of fun into it. At work, she had the reputation of being the female engineer who refused to dress up like one of the boys. So no surprise, within the first three months, I would have girls stop by my office and request for me to help them shop and style,says Sophie. Thus the blog was created a little over a year ago, after her move to Toronto and after her friends insisted she create and maintain a visual diary of her outfits of the day (OOTD). Instead of the visual diary, I decided to create a blog where I would not only share my OOTD but also provide information on how I put the look together and links to mimic my style. I want to educate my audience and at the same time grow as both a blogger and a brand. I am doing something I love and it has led me to meet with amazing bloggers around world who share the same passion. “


She feels as if her new home, Toronto, is a very unique city where each neighborhood has it's own character. I love how no matter what season you are in, Toronto somehow always looks incredibly beautiful.This actually compliments her style, which currently is effortless chic mixed in with a lot of neutral colors. Being a firm believer that less is more, Sophies style varies every season, so much so that she feels like her style should be dubbed Sophie's Style Diaries. With her 3 current go tos being distressed denim, a black trench coat, and sandals, this chic woman is able to create a masterpiece out of ordinary everyday wear, even jogging gear. When it comes to style - I use my clothes as a way to communicate how I feel or how I want to feel,Sophie relishes.


Trust that after visiting you will have left the blog with a new idea for a simple outfit or beauty regime. Sophie has a knack for making the ordinary look extraordinary. And super bonus, she rarely buys things at full price. This is awesome for savvy bargain shoppers who still want to create a magnificent look for less. 95% of the items I wear were anywhere from 20-75% off the ticket price....unless the item was too amazing to pass up.


We are major fans of Sophie and her effortless style. We love her take on the Nikki Leopard Clutch, which happens to be one of her favorite bags in our collection alongside the Nikki Floral Clutch. For Sophie its a no brianer, I love the simplicity of the design and how it can be paired with anything.effortlessly.And we can see why the Clutch would be Sophies favorite as it is versatile enough to be used during the day while conducting business and holding say your tablet, while then transitioning to night time, using it as the perfect compliment to a sleek evening dress for dinner on the town.




Do what makes you happy, be with those who make you smile, and laugh as much as you breathe,these are her words to live byand we have adopted them. As for the handbags in particular, Sophie says, Quality over quantity. Handbags are an investment, so when it comes to choosing a bag go for one that is well made and can effortlessly work with your wardrobe. You want a bag that lasts for years instead of just a season.And we couldn't agree more.

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What Megan Likes

posted by Melanie: When you first come upon “What She Thinks”, Megan Clary’s fashion blog, you are immediately pulled in by her warmth. With her love of fashion, she created a blog where she can speak not only about the Outfit of the Day, but also beauty, hair and jewelry. As you navigate through her blog you can literally feel her smile radiating through the screen as well as get a warm, honest feel for the fashion she wishes to present to the world.


We at Linell Ellis are delighted to also share that Megan Clary was the winner of our December Fashion Giveaway. She won our Alice Clutch in Black Leopard and we can tell you that she has paired it nicely dressed in a sleek fitted dress with an updo as well as taken it down a notch with a casual look. Visit her blog “What Megan Likes” at to discover how she wore our clutch as well as other fashion tips.


“I have been blogging for a little over a year now. I started as a way to express my creativity, and share my fashion finds and photos. I never dreamed I would love blogging as much as I do.” Megan also feels that being able to connect with people all over the world about fashion is the best part about blogging. Her motivation comes from “A pure love for what I do and the hope that one day my career can center around fashion and photography. Nothing motivates me more than wanting to absolutely love what I do for a living.” And you can tell from her blog that Megan is absolutely serious in a playful way about her passion. She genuinely takes wonderful photos depicting her journey through the many trends in hair, beauty, accessories and of course fashion. And her reviews are spot on with easy ways to be able to find the products for purchase.

megan 2

Megan’s current style is a trendy, chic, work-wear look and she has some staple go –to’s: A simple black jumpsuit, easy to wear and style for day or night; Black leather open toe mules, so perfect for transitioning from winter to spring; Python print grey flats, I am totally obsessed with snake print. And of course, she loves her favorite bag…. our Alice Clutch. “It is so chic and can be paired with almost anything – great for all seasons too!” We agree!

Megan shares our belief in a good handbag. She has taken our clutch and paired it very well in two totally different fashions, while maintaining the integrity of the bag. “Over the years, especially as I have gotten into my early 20s, I have realized; quality over quantity. There is just something about a nice, well-made handbag. They may be a bit pricier, but think of them as an investment, well-made bags will last you for years.” Well said Megan!

She also adds that “If you like it, wear it. Fashion is an outer expression of your inner self, when it comes to style there are no rules.” Her suggestion is to always go for quality but in the end if you can pull off a look, go for it. See Megan talk about several diff styles on her blog and watch out for more giveaways. You will be surprised to know Megan loves the thrift shop, and can’t resist a good deal. Check out how she turns her styles into quality fashion pieces.

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She Said, He Said

posted by Melanie: Spunk, spunk and more spunk!! That is what you get when you check out the “She Said He Said” blog ( created by Chelsea Davis. Her Southern Californian roots show through her bright and “spunky” spirit. She managed to create a fun blog that incorporates not only the fashion advice and opinion of a woman but also a man’s perspective.

“I have been blogging for over 2.5 years and I love it. My fiancé was actually the brain behind this blog from the very beginning; he thought it would be a great creative outlet since I love to style and share my knowledge of my fashion background to create a fashion blog. I added in the “He Said” part for a fun twist. The rest is history.” With her style being feminine, trendy and a bit edgy incorporating a large denim collection, she likes trying out trends but also making her own statement pieces. The most satisfying part of blogging is when her readers comment and give her feedback on her looks. Chelsea also finds that she has gained many new relationships with bloggers and others just by adding her fun male twist. “My readers let me know I have inspired them with my outfits. I had one woman say that she now includes her boyfriend in her outfit choices because it makes it fun and hearing his opinion matters. ‘She Said He Said Fashion’ is exactly what my blog is about; I wear what I love to style, but it is refreshing to hear the “He” side of how my fiancé feels about the look, and sometimes he is brutally honest.” IMG_304 Most of Chelsea’s motivation comes from the other fashion bloggers. “I have made so many friends which are lifelong through blogging conferences, social media and just reaching out. It is refreshing collaborating together, bouncing ideas off one another and being able to share a love for fashion, lifestyle and beauty on the internet.” A lot of her fashion inspiration can be drawn off her native So Cal roots. Having lived in Southern California her whole life, she is so close to the beach where the sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous, there is every different type of food possible as well as endless activities that make her never want to leave and provide endless fashion options. “Though I don’t wear dresses daily I love dainty fabrics, chiffon and a fabulous pair of premium denim to create a stylish outfit with the perfect heel.” Her current go to in her closet is a white crochet pencil skirt for spring, a fabulous pair of gold gladiator sandals and a pastel faux leather jacket great for cooler evenings. With this being said, we were curious as to which Linell Ellis Handbag was her favorite and we found out that it was the Nikki Clutch. “I am a huge fan of clutches that make a statement. Linell Ellis handbags are so beautiful inside and out; the outer is made of quality leather and beautiful hues for spring. While, the inside has a fun leopard print design which is right up my alley, you can never have enough leopard print. “ Great choice, Chelsea, we think it pairs lovely with A LOT! And the colors for spring are popping, right in tune with Chelsea’s spunky, colorful nature. Of handbags, she says, “I really love when handbags stand out, whether it is mixing prints, having it be the pop of color or wearing an oversized tote all of which are stylish and should represent a piece of your outfit. Handbags are fabulous accessories that add dimension to any Outfit Of The Day.” We couldn’t agree more as we feel a handbag could make or break an outfit. Definitely take the time to check out this awesome two-point perspective on fashion, delivered by Ms. Chelsea Davis.  ~Live Completely

Jenny Plog Style - Effortlessly Chic and Casual Cool

When I first saw her on instagram I thought to myself... I love her style. I scrolled through photo after photo and each one was a wonderful display of styling. Once we connected I was happy to find out she was kind as well as stylish.  I am so pleased Jenny agreed to share a little about herself with us.  Read the the interview below.  I know you will love it. posted by Melanie:

LA resident, Jenny Plog, moved to the United States from Central America at 11 years old. She always loved fashion as a young child, playing in scraps of fabric and making outfits for her dolls. This passion continued after her move and as she got older she took her creativity to the webs fashion world.

Starting out by making online outfits for a fashion game website, Jenny’s confidence built to the point where she was eager to share her ideas with everyone. She began following many blogs and eventually two years ago she created her own blog. is a blog dedicated to her showcasing her styles of effortless street chic fashions with a feminine touch. “The most satisfying thing about blogging is that I’m doing something that I love.  And, as a bonus, I get to meet amazing people from all over the world (fellow bloggers).”

You wouldn’t know that Jenny is super shy by the looks of her awesome taste and beautiful photos on her blog. What motivates her is the eagerness to grow both as a blogger and a brand. She eventually wants to make her own clothes, which is absolutely awesome. “I’ve developed friendships with fashion lovers all over the world. The supportive people who read my blog and appreciate my style motivate me.”

With the weather being something she loves about LA, it is easy to see why for this winter her 3 favorite things in her wardrobe currently are blazers, over the knee boots and sweaters. And what better to pair with our Candi Satchel, which happens to be Jenny’s favorite Linell Ellis Handbag. “It would definitely be my go to bag. It is sophisticated and perfect for any daytime look.” That being said, her advice to readers about handbags is to invest in a good one. The right bag can make or break an outfit and that is essential.

Check Jenny out at as she styles our Black/Leopard Candi Satchel. “Simplicity is always the answer,” words she lives by and once you see what she did with our handbag you will see that she lives them well.